The Story Continued

“The Coffee of the South” story continued.

…… Dr. Cameron looked at the description and said, “Bless your heart, that won’t sell in the South”.  (Another southern code phrase.)  The southern culture is about emotions.

“When you get up during the week, do you long for the taste of citrus with a turpeny finish” “No”  “You want a flavor that matches your mood.  You listen to Rise and Shine by Steppenwolf in the morning. Wimpy coffee isn’t what you drink” 

“Our ritual on Saturday and Sunday is to have coffee as we sit on the porch and watch the beautiful sunrise over the mountains and Cumberland river.” 

“When you go to the diner and get together with the liars club, you choose a different coffee.  You sit there
for hours chatting and enjoying each others company. The coffee is important but it is in the background” 

“Do you remember when we had company and you thought I fixed enough food for an army? The last hour of the evening
we sat on the veranda and drank a wonderful coffee.  Our friends stayed a bit longer and that is southern hospitality”

The Mt. Cameron Highland Coffees are described in a southern way.  We hope you find your own special reasons to enjoy our coffee.