Coffee Sales

Rebel Yell

Rebel Yell  – Strong Robust Flavor  – Organic

Pure coffee!  Born of the earth with a heart of
rich flavor. Rebel Yell speaks to your soul.  A
Bold strong coffee that leaves the bitterness behind.

Rebel Yell – 12oz. – $16.50

Daylight in the Cumberland

Daylight in the Cumberland – Morning Coffee – Rich Flavor
Touched by the Sunshine

Rise and Shine!  Off and On!  Words that should always be
accompanied by coffee.  Daylight in the Cumberland has a
rich flavor kick to start your morning right.  Sunshine and
the excitement of a new day are at hand.

Daylight in the Cumberland – 12 oz – $16.50

Set A Spell

Set A Spell – All Day Sipping Coffee – Hot or Iced Smooooth

Rocking chairs. Cool breeze. Good conversation.  Fellowship
with kith and kin. Anytime and anywhere.  Enough Said!

Set A Spell – 12 oz – $16.50


Picker – Lighter Roast – Lift Your Spirits

A lighter road coffee that brightens your day.
Picker coffee is banjo music to your soul.
Lively, exciting and uplifting.

Picker – 12 oz – $16.50

Ya’ll Come Back

Y’all Come Back – Rich Evening Coffee – Mains to Dessert
Southern hospitality is genuine, comfortable and delivered
with great care.  Only the best will do.  Ya’ll Come Back coffee
has a bold warm heart with rich flavors.  Your guests leave
knowing they have been invited back.

Y’all Come Back – 12 oz – $16.50