Mt. Cameron Highland Coffee

Coffee of the South

coffee that touches you

Premium coffees that wrap you in the warmth and hospitality of the South.  Delicious, from the time you wake up to the last after dinner cup shared with friends.

Mt. Cameron Highland coffee is also sold at the finest cafes in the Cumberland Valley Region of Tennessee

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Why "Coffee of the South"?

The story behind Mt. Cameron Highland Coffee starts with coffee lovers from two different cultures.  Mr. Cameron is an engineer from Indiana. Dr. Cameron is from LA.  Those from the South know LA as Lower Alabama.

“Let’s start a coffee company.”  We already knew the great coffee to sell.   Then the different perspectives appeared. Most coffee sold carries flavor descriptions like “heavy chocolate with overtones of lemongrass and honey” or something like that.  Dr. Cameron looked at the description and said, “Bless your heart, that won’t sell in the South”.  (Another southern code phrase.)  The southern culture is about emotions.

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